Internship stories and lessons learned
"Internships" are soon going to be one of the most overused terms in academic jargons. We need to make concentrated efforts to make sure that this does not end up being a fad but something that gives true value to a student. As Fourth Ambit launches the "Grand Internship Fair", allow me to share 3 incidents around the theme of internship that created a lasting impression on me. Story 1 It was...
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Internships, Training, Apprenticeships, Jobs... Here's your answer to the 'Must Do' factor
The word "intern" actually originated in the medical community! Prior to World War I, the term was used to identify a doctor who had a medical degree but lacked a license. After the war, doctors-in-training were known as interns. It was back in the 1080s when interns or as they were more famously known back then apprentices were put to learning a trade, though back then it lasted for as long as 7...
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“The Martian” & The Entrepreneur
It’s only when you are pushed into a corner, with your back up against a wall, that you come up with your most innovative, life-changing ideas! In one line, this is the essence of the latest Hollywood Hit “The Martian” and also of every entrepreneur who survived the start-up journey and lived to tell the tale. Without giving away too many spoilers about the movie ‘The Martian’, let’s take a quick...
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5 TED Talks that inspired me
A. Simon Sinek: "How great leaders inspire action"My introduction to TED Talks started with this video of Simon Sinek - is it any wonder that I was hooked on since then!Simon Sinek has a simple but powerful model for inspirational leadership — starting with a golden circle and the question "Why?" I catch myself watching this video every few months, just so that I don’t loose sight of the “Why”.B. ...
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Underbelly of the radical - The Soft side of the rough-shod
[The author, "Chandrasekhar A.B" is an alumnus of XIM Bhubaneswar] After years of glorious revolutionary struggle and wanton bloodshed, a new rugged hero has emerged. He will lead the masses towards prosperity with the twinkle of a dream in his eye. The tormentors of the meek have been crushed and millions trapped in the clutches of evil have been liberated. The frailties of the past have been bur...
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5 entrepreneurial traits that can be taught in schools & colleges
The whole country is in throes of entrepreneurial dreams. We have more and more incubation cells in colleges and schools than ever before.  Credit courses are being offered on the topic of “entrepreneurship” in educational institutions in India. Alumni who are successful entrepreneurs are invited for inspirational talks, more than ever before. The question to be asked now is this – “Is this all in...
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Agri-Copter – an innovation revolutionising Indian farming
At a time when the start–up culture is dominated by e–Commerce and other technology based players, we have Athul and team, alumni of Government Engineering College, Thrissur whose innovation benefits the most important yet declining industry of India – the agriculture! How did the idea rise? Every business idea is inspired from an experience. In case of Athul, it was a personal one. Once wh...
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How can you become a successful Entrepreneur?
Entrepreneurship bug has bitten many young and innovative minds of India. Thanks to the high penetration of internet and mobile networks in the Indian market, the Entrepreneurship ecosystem has become highly favourable for those aspiring to be one. With eCommerce to various technology based start-ups on the rise, Entrepreneurship has become not just a tren...
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How can you be an effective public speaker?
Have you dreaded the day when you would be required to speak to a fairly large audience? Has the fear of public speaking stood in your way to your dream career? If so do not worry, you are not alone, as stage fright is a very common fear faced by many people. According to Guinness Book of Records, among life’s major fears 54% of adults rank public speaking ahead of the fear of death. (Sour...
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Building Your Personal Brand
In 1997 Tom Peter in his article for the ‘Fast Company Magazine’ coined the term ‘Personal Brand’. In his article, he wrote, “We are the CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc.” Earlier, the term ‘brand’ was connected with a company’s name – it’s logo and the quality of its products. The term ‘personal branding’ used to be initially confined to celebrities as a means of marketing them. However, the...
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Technology Innovation in school Education
Technology has taken education to the next level, breaking the barriers of classroom walls. In 2014 students who had enrolled in a Chinese language class at Springfield High School, Ohio got a lifetime opportunity to interact with students of a high school in China through a live chat sttession conducted via. Skype. The excitement of both sets of students had no limits, wherein they discussed...
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Working with the Millennials
Every generation behaves differently from those who preceded them, and this is applicable even in the workforce environment. The millennial generation, i.e. those born between 1980 and 2000, constitutes a significant part of today’s workforce as their growing numbers is soon to surpass the population of the previous generation of baby-boomer. By 2020, millennials will account for 50% of the...
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Women and Glass Ceiling
Society´s Limit On Achievement Is The Glass Ceiling That Gives A Resting Point For Those Who Fail To Have Their Achievement Defined By Others - Calum Ross With the aim of achieving gender equality in workplace, corporate organisations today hire more women employees than before. Organisations with gender equality bring in varied perspectives to a common problem,...
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Building Culture in a Startup
Does the title strike a jarring note? The first two words border on oxymoron, does it? How does one "build" a culture? Isn't culture a melting pot that is created by the coming together of various factors such as the people and their personal values, circumstances and environment which drives towards a mutual goal? All true. In fact there are researches conducted in leadi...
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Indian Media: Then.... Now... and Later
Sensationalism has become synonymous with the Indian Media, especially Television. In 2008 during the coverage of 26/11 terrorist attack in Mumbai, Barkha Dutt, India’s known journalist, received flak from several sections of the society for her overzealous reporting style. Critics blamed her for ignoring the ethics of journalism by making the coverage dramatic. Similarly, during the...
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Indian Education System - A call for reform
Education is the founding stone of a country’s economy. A country that fails to provide its citizens the right to education lags behind in every way. History of Indian Education System The history of Indian education has its roots to the ancient ages where they followed the Gurukul system – a system where the students resided in the house of their teacher until the teacher felt that h...
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Students' contribution to Social Causes
Introduction The Indian youth consists of students from various socio-cultural backgrounds and ever since the days of British occupation students in India have played a major role in the society and politics of this country. Though students are more seen to take up issues which affect them directly, they are also known to embrace causes which affect the nation as a whole. In our countr...
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A Beginner's Guide to Professional Networking
Organizations do not make decisions - people do. And given a choice, people tend to do business with people they trust or at least know. When we started our company "Fourth Ambit", we were a couple of guys in our 30s who were out there trying to sell a brand new product that had not been tried and tested. We had no previous experience in this particular industry, there were no...
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Power of Alumni in the Education System:
Evolution of alumni network: An organisation's alumni are the reflection of its past, representation of its present and a link to its future. Educational institutions are changing the way they see and interact with their alumni community. Earlier, alumni and their alma-mater were treated as separate entities wherein one’s existence was independent of the other. Loc...
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