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The word "intern" actually originated in the medical community! Prior to World War I, the term was used to identify a doctor who had a medical degree but lacked a license. After the war, doctors-in-training were known as interns.

It was back in the 1080s when interns or as they were more famously known back then apprentices were put to learning a trade, though back then it lasted for as long as 7 years! The apprenticeship facilitated their accommodation in their bosss homes, with no wages, no permission to have a family of their own and had to pay their bosses for mentoring them. These were considered perks in that era, surprising isnt it?

With time apprenticeships and internships started to co-exist with certain similarities and differences. In current times apprenticeships exist, providing modern apprentices with hands-on experience in highly skilled technical jobs. However, internships are a different giant altogether. Internships, got popular in the late 1960s, as students enrolled in co-op programs to test out different careers and make money as college tuition began to rise. In todays world, internships have eclipsed to larger possibilities.

The fact is, more companies and people are embarking on internships in order to gain "experience". But why..?

An internship is the perfect combination of training and practical experience that students receive during a set period of time at a firm, through placements provided by their institutions, in some cases students seek internships based on their own interests. This training phase usually exposes students to the basic operational and functional processes an enterprise follows. This phase is a gateway to exploring various departments and helps in filtering the students interests, making it a valuable spend of time when applying for full time jobs.

With an infinite list of opportunities, both in studies and jobs it has become all the more challenging for organizations and job seekers to find the right fit. This is where internships step in and pose with valor! The patience and motivation required to successfully complete an internship, lays the students pedestal for a progressive professional realm.

Lets have a quick run through of the top 6 highlights of an internship, and why students from across the world work towards it

a) Developing skills to be industry ready

Nowadays, more than ever, companies look for a certain mark when it comes to quality, experience and knowledge. In this, both technical and soft skills hold a major ground.

b) Get the edge over a competition

Evidently, with higher qualifications and experience you are the first choice of the recruiter. Time is precious, and with plentiful resources a company would prefer to mentor than teach.

c) Network, Network, Network

Networking is an art in itself and creating a place for you in an ocean of a market, maintaining it rightfully and expanding with it is key. Adapt this and you are good to go!

d) Finding your true interests

You might have wanted to be a scientist as a child, maybe later an astronaut and then a doctor or an artist, perhaps even an engineer. Its all fair, though, what is it in the real world that actually entices you? Do an internship, to know which sector or responsibility best represents you!

e) Avoid the sudden culture shock

Going from high school to college then maybe university is all a transition that takes time to settle into, and each phase is different in its own way. However, there is a similarity and it is all still a walled experience. Breaking this wall and stepping into the professional world can be overwhelming or may take time; the same is much simpler with an internship experience. You will be shocked with the transformation.

f) Exploring multiple avenues

Internship or internships, is a golden egg when consumed in a planned manner. Do not hesitate to explore and stretch those wings as you train; the more the merrier. Acquire exposure in as many avenues of the organization and let the curiosity guide you in building that IQ.

When you look at the impacts of internships, it is surprising why many students refuse to expand through this experience and some still remain unaware. As per stats, 87% of companies use internships to recruit full-time employees, but close to 74% or less have such experiences. The demand:supply ratio is a miss due to which growth too at some point becomes stagnant.

Lets set this right for you, read more about the Grand Internship Fair- Kerala Edition to enhance the use of your time as a student and achieve that goal you set for yourself.

(This article is authored by Pallavi Suryamala, Marketing and BD Consultant)

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